Rental Applications

MDPM’s online rental applications are a quick and easy way to submit an application.

Below you will find two links. One is our standard rental application and the other our pre-approval application.

Click here for the standard rental application– this is to be used if you have already viewed one of our available rental properties.

Click here for the pre-approval application– this is to be used if you would like to be pre-approved for one of our rental properties but have not yet viewed the property.

The application fee for a pre-approval is $50. Opting for pre-approval allows for a quick process moving forward once you are pre-approved. You have the option of paying the application fee through our pay pal account or by remitting payment to our office.

It will take (on average) 3-4 business days to find out if you’re pre-approved. Once pre-approved, you will be given a rent range then you can select one of the properties that you qualify for offered by MDPM.

Both applications require a copy of the applicant’s driver’s license, social security card and proof of income. You can choose to fax in the required documents to (734) 838-9189 or scan and e-mail them to:

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